About ScrapWare Corporation

ScrapWare Corporation, now celebrating its 20th year in operation, is the developer of ScrapWare® software—the #1 Brand of Software for the Recycling Industry.

Based in suburban Washington, D.C., with customers all over the world, our expert team of programmers, trainers, support personnel and other specialists is intimately familiar with the technology marketplace and its impact on your operations. We’ve combined our advanced technological know-how with our in-depth knowledge of the recycling industry to create a software product that helps you reduce your transaction processing costs, while providing you with meaningful reports that give you greater insight into your operations.

If you buy, process, transport, sell or broker recyclable materials including: metals (ferrous, non-ferrous, precious, sludges, etc.), plastics, paper, glass and electronic scrap, ScrapWare software can help streamline your business operations, improving efficiency, compliance—and peace of mind.

Our ScrapWareSV software is fully customizable to meet your specific application and reporting needs. Our team will work with you to determine the optimal ScrapWare configuration for your business, as well as its potential impact on your future upgradeability, making sure that you get what you need now, and down the road.

To learn more about ScrapWareSV or to see, first-hand, what ScrapWare can do, click here to request a product demonstration.

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